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About Us

Delhi public play school, Sainikpuri Powered by Saksham ignites children’s natural curiosity to be self-learners in engaging and diverse environments. We prepare them to become independent, confident, creative, caring, and successful human beings. Our goal is to create self-sustainable leaders of tomorrow. We instil independent learning, creative thinking and excellent communication skills to equip your child to succeed in tomorrow’s world.


Welcome to Our School

Delhi public play school, Sainikpuri Powered by Saksham is designed based on the fundamental understanding that a child’s brain undergoes extraordinary development in the first six years of life. We help your child embark on the journey of lifelong learning and lay a solid foundation for academic, physical, psychological and social development.

Why to Choose Us

It's all about children!

Children mean everything to us. We are driven by the love to nuture young minds.

Home away from Home!

Our friendly, loving and caring staff make the school a second home for kids.

Here Safety comes first!

Safety is our top priority. Our classroom, indoor and outdoor equipment are gentle and childproof.

Something to learn for Everyone!

There's something for everyone. We meet the multiple intelligence needs of children paying individual attention.


How To Enroll Your Child In A class ?

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