About Us

Saksham is a new-age educational organisation that focuses on today’s requirement of educational needs and soft skills training for Corporates. Educators have to cater to the challenging task of teaching students the relevant skills needed to solve future challenges.

We believe that as much as professional skills may be important, soft skills, which can be adapted and refined over the years, must be introduced to the children from young. These soft skills, also known as employability skills, are traits that can be applied across various life situations and job scopes.

Almost every job requires employees to engage with others, either inside or outside the organization, making these skills of utmost importance. With these practical ideologies in mind, Aparna Bose, an IT Professional and a young mother and Jhumpa Bhowmick, who has worked as a Teacher for more than 18yrs focusing exclusively on Pre-Primary education conceived the idea of giving birth to a pre-primary educational institution that fosters wholesome learning in kids right from their formative days. This has brought Saksham into existence. Our advisory board members possess over 40 years of education and training experience. We design, develop and deploy modules that would take every child through a progressive stage of Explore, Evolve, Engage and Enrich their knowledge at every step of the initial learning process.

The organisation caters to different age groups starting from 1 year onward and there is no age bar, that’s why our tag line goes by “Helping people achieve more”. Our perfect blend of Early Childhood Education inspired by the Montessori Curriculum together with the universally acclaimed Multiple Intelligence and Tell Me, Show Me, Let Me Approach makes Saksham one of the most sought after schools in Secunderabad.

Delhi Public Play School, Sainikpuri powered by Saksham is the first Play school in Secunderabad that follows a unique blend of Methodologies. The Day to Day Activities and teaching techniques are derived on the basis of Progressive Education, Montessori System, Multiple Intelligence and Play way Method. Our Specialized system paves way for a healthy and holistic development of your child with an active parent-teacher interaction interface.

Meet Our Buddy - Koko and Kuki!

  • They are very intelligent and challenging.
  • The vibrant plumage makes them truly incredible!
  • They are very affectionate and demand a good deal of time for play.
  • They are loveable and highly social.
  • They are fast learners and speak your talk.

Our children are a true reflection of our buddy. They are active, smart and unique in their own way. We aim to nurture them in the right manner giving them roots to grow and wings to fly for endless opportunities.

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